Crested Butte


Crested Butte and the Slate River, via snowshoes.


My Best Day of 2014


Arches National Park as seen from my bike on Thursday, Oct. 2. Taken with my iPhone 5s.

Skiing with MS


Sara, an expert skier who had not skied for ten years due to multiple sclerosis, skis with the help of her Adaptive Sports Center instructor Colleen at Crested Butte Mountain Resort on Wednesday, December 24. Since her diagnosis, Sara didn’t think she would ever ski again, but with the help of Colleen, an adaptive-alpine-certified instructor, and technical gear including outriggers and tethers, she can. By the end of her fifth adaptive lesson, Sara was able to ski for short distances untethered.


Sara and Colleen share a laugh in line for the chairlift.

Ski Season Is Here!


To kick off ski season, here’s one of my favorite images from last year. This is a thirty-second exposure of Red River Ski Area’s weekly “Torchlight Parade,” during which ski area staff ski down the mountain holding flares to entertain spectators at the local bar. This is one of the only Torchlights I didn’t ski in.

Respite From Winter

Considering much of the country is covered in snow and experiencing temperatures more like January than November, I figured you would all enjoy a photo taken last summer, when all thoughts of winter were far away.


Staff at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico have a lot of free time, especially at Indian Writings camp, which is a three-mile hike from the nearest road. Last summer Indian Writings staff discovered that if they held still enough near the feeder, hummingbirds would eventually acclimate to their presence and alight on their hands.